The Bends

The KDE blogging client Blogilo is outta be one of the most handy solutions out there for slackers like me to get started on posting updates on their personal blogs.

First time setting up is as simple as going to Settings –> Configure Blogilo and then entring your blog’s URL, username and password, and hitting Auto-configure. Done!

Add your blog first; yes you can add multiple blogs too :-)
Add your blog first; yes you can add multiple blogs too :-)

Pretty neat, eh? Adios!
Powered by Blogilo
Humm… seems like Blogilo messes up the WP-specific HTML we’re used to — don’t need <p> tags and such, WP is intelligent enough to decipher those. Also, Blogilo uses the HTML 4 tagging standard like <b>, <i>, etc., instead of the XHTML standards like <strong, <em>, etc. That’s a complete no go me guesses. Adios!!

StarFuckers Inc.

linux-30yk:~ # traceroute -m 64
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets using UDP


10 (  281.365 ms   276.504 ms   283.220 ms
11 (  298.485 ms   296.350 ms   299.205 ms
12  Episode.IV (  304.518 ms   302.127 ms   306.263 ms
13  A.NEW.HOPE (  300.536 ms   308.604 ms   308.111 ms
14 (  307.268 ms   313.701 ms   308.907 ms
15  Rebel.spaceships (  316.177 ms   319.672 ms   314.632 ms
16  striking.from.a.hidden.base (  317.882 ms   321.043 ms   314.484 ms
17  have.won.their.first.victory (  303.198 ms   298.102 ms   297.432 ms
18  against.the.evil.Galactic.Empire (  309.604 ms   306.323 ms   300.648 ms
19  During.the.battle (  303.331 ms   308.992 ms   308.287 ms
20  Rebel.spies.managed (  305.013 ms   304.829 ms   312.566 ms
21  to.steal.secret.plans (  312.570 ms   310.822 ms   315.504 ms
22  to.the.Empires.ultimate.weapon (  312.481 ms   312.467 ms   315.821 ms
23  the.DEATH.STAR (  320.544 ms   314.391 ms   322.571 ms
24 (  298.136 ms   305.673 ms   303.263 ms
25 (  309.034 ms   301.531 ms   315.459 ms
26 (  305.322 ms   314.890 ms   311.668 ms
27 (  317.088 ms   315.402 ms   320.468 ms
28  sinister.agents (  313.988 ms   318.616 ms   316.178 ms
29  Princess.Leia.races.home (  326.581 ms   320.075 ms   326.221 ms
30  aboard.her.starship (  306.043 ms   300.575 ms   299.652 ms
31  custodian.of.the.stolen.plans (  303.099 ms   302.241 ms   310.399 ms
32 (  319.313 ms   330.929 ms   319.822 ms
33  people.and.restore (  316.388 ms   314.622 ms   313.556 ms
34 (  313.658 ms   320.915 ms   312.337 ms
35  0-------------------0 (  314.448 ms   318.339 ms   315.563 ms
36  0------------------0 (  321.320 ms   323.608 ms   324.033 ms
37  0-----------------0 (  310.334 ms   312.996 ms   302.619 ms
38  0----------------0 (  324.157 ms   318.876 ms   326.567 ms
39  0---------------0 (  316.168 ms   305.596 ms   319.415 ms
40  0--------------0 (  319.147 ms   319.783 ms   314.431 ms
41  0-------------0 (  323.076 ms   320.757 ms   320.279 ms
42  0------------0 (  340.352 ms   331.239 ms   337.533 ms
43  0-----------0 (  305.962 ms   307.685 ms   303.266 ms
44  0----------0 (  305.884 ms   306.545 ms   305.875 ms
45  0---------0 (  308.869 ms   316.013 ms   320.806 ms
46  0--------0 (  320.133 ms   317.238 ms   318.305 ms
47  0-------0 (  315.656 ms   313.299 ms   331.701 ms
48  0------0 (  334.374 ms   334.786 ms   339.310 ms
49  0-----0 (  302.298 ms   304.759 ms   308.765 ms
50  0----0 (  304.672 ms   300.830 ms   308.500 ms
51  0---0 (  320.178 ms   313.893 ms   318.400 ms
52  0--0 (  321.057 ms   320.989 ms   313.992 ms
53  0-0 (  323.534 ms   323.148 ms   318.443 ms
54  00 (  328.316 ms   326.067 ms   325.361 ms
55  I (  305.062 ms   308.350 ms   314.032 ms
56  By.Ryan.Werber (  310.995 ms   320.281 ms   323.571 ms
57  When.CCIEs.Get.Bored (  303.684 ms   312.995 ms   313.695 ms
58 (  326.087 ms   320.338 ms   327.098 ms
59  FIN (  317.055 ms * *

Kinda like an alien invasion that’s sorta like a royal mind fuck.


You Outta Know

Good story in today’s NYT: Generation 9/11.

I wonder those madmen who bomb places or spread terror (this includes the jihadi terrorists, the western armed forces & politicians, and the Hindu radicals) ever realise how it will affect the next generation of their own community, their own ones.

The problem with the world is most don’t wanna see three inches from their nose.

I wish people will consider the aftermath before putting their stupid ideas at work.


Beat It

Introduction: Weblogs are fucking stupid.

Weblogs suck ass. What the fuck is up with this shit? Fuck. Who the fuck cares what these people think about oatmeal or what the UN did last week? Nobody! Who reads these weblogs? Nobody! Maybe fellow weblog authors read each others weblogs out of a sense of desperation…the feeling that if they read someone else’s weblog, someone will read theirs. It’s kindof like cooperative advertising too, people will cross-post, linking weblog entries to each other’s weblogs. How fucking pathetic is that? I hate weblogs. There are so few reasons to keep a weblog, and so many of these are fucking stupid while so few of them are legitimately non-brainfucked. The problem of course, is people. In general, people are fucking stupid, so many of the things they do are fucking stupid. I fucking hate weblogs, they are so fucking stupid.

Chapter 1: Weblogs

More here.

That thing is a fucking essay :-D


What is this am listening to?

Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game.

Good song. The problem is this is exactly what I don’t have with me right now. Come to think of it, I’m more in the mood for Riders in the Storm now. Something about that song, just carries you away with it…

Anyway, as I wait for the Vaishali metro, I’m listening to Dream Theater do Images and Words. Oh well… No offence to the band, but they are not exactly what I call exceptional.

So, what else? Am just typing random things on this WordPress Android app so that it keeps me distracted from this annoying headache I have, and also while waiting for the Vaishali metro. One Noida metro after another at Rajiv Chawk at this hour (22:48). Weird. Talk about unnecessary redundancy for the Noida people and scarcity for Ghaziabad folks. Not that the frequency of metro is really brilliant at this hour. Bah!

The second Noida metro just moved in. Hopefully the next one will be for Vaishali, else I’d be pissed.


I never had the nerve to make the final cut…

And if I show you my dark side
Will you still hold me tonight?
And if I open my heart to you
And show you my weak side,
What would you do?

Would you sell your story to Rolling Stone?
Would you take the children away
And leave me alone?
And smile in reassurance
As you whisper down the phone,
Would you send me packing,
Or would you take me home?

Thought I outta bare my naked feelings,
Thought I outta tear the curtain down.
I held the blade in trembling hands,
Prepared to make it but just then the phone rang,
I never had the nerve to make the final cut.

“Hello? Listen, I think I’ve got it. Okay, listen. It’s a… Ha ha ha!”

One of the best songs written by Roger Waters — part of one of the most under-rated (and often, even hated) albums.

Well, as I never had the nerve to make the final cut, imported my WP blog to my own domain, installed wordpress. And will be slowly be migrating stuff from past services like rediffblogs and blogdrive.

WP hosting courtesy GoDaddy Digital Ocean, and DNS courtesy CloudFlare. Here’s hoping to maintain this weblog from now on. Watch out for the updates.

Bullet the blue sky

This is a test blog entry from my android phone, using the mobile WordPress app. Am trying to figure out if I can restart blogging using this app by writing small posts. But doesn’t twitter serve the same purpose?

Anyway let’s see if I can restart. This post is good enough for starters, and there’s no way I could have fitted all this crap in twitter.

By the way am loving my motorola milestone — there’s just so much I can do when on the move, or while lying on my back :-)

Surfin’ [Redmond,] USA


Doesn’t it sound funny to your ears? Or are they trying to pull a Google here? The irony is, I don’t think Google ever sounded funny in anyone’s ears. One of the reasons might be that it’s been a household term for years now.

By the way, just in case you missed the “big” news, Bing is the latest search engine launched by Microsoft. I remember the days when there used to be something called an MSN Search. When it was rechristened to Live Search, most didn’t pay attention. Maybe that’s a good-enough reason to come out with a name which will become a crowd-puller—because it’ll ring a bell (in your ears). Like Google? But only, it’s Bing! I can understand people exclaiming “Bingo!” every time they find something they’re looking for. But, Bing?

Anyway, like everyone else, I also tried Bing! (Sorry for repeating the word too many times—as I already said, it sounds funny to my ears ;-))

When you go to, besides the search engine bar, a user gets a random picture (of some significance) with information tagged to it. Good call… but I wonder how useful this idea is considering no one would stay on the homepage of a search engine more than what he takes to enter the keywords for the information he’s looking for.

This is exactly what Google understood years ago—there should be bare-minimum elements on the homepage that doesn’t distract the user from what he’s looking for. Remember the other search engine giants from the 90s—AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, et al? Where are they now? Most of them would try to bombard the user with information right on the home page, without paying much heed to the fact that user a is here, in the first place, to search for something. You got to provide that service first!

Let’s talk about the core matter here: search! Try and enter the term “Linux” in it. Do the same on Google also. Compare the results. Notice the difference?

I mean, what the heck are certifications and events doing on the first page of Bing’s search results? There’s even a link for “Linux on Laptops”! OK, so there is Ubuntu too. But, what about Red Hat and Debian? Also, compared to’s definition of Linux, isn’t more important?

It’s the search algorithm that you’re using, mate. Gotta improve it, a lot! Until then, decorating your homepage and asking users to install Silverlight if they want to check out the older home page backgrounds from your archives won’t help you one bit. Because, that’s not at all what “search” users will be looking for when they land up at Bing, if at all.

Hello? Listen, I think I’ve got it. Okay, listen. It’s a… Ha ha ha! (aka, tailf /var/log/syslog)